Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

 Wish I could take credit for the Valentine's Day treats, but this was an idea from Pinterest.  Strawberry marshmallow Peep hearts with s'more fixings.  Cute idea and the boys found their treats in the little metal mailboxes.

 You have to have red roses on Valentine's Day.  Nice thing about the potted mini roses, I can plant it in the garden in a couple of months.  Pretty mercury votives added that romantic touch.

  Strawberry lemon French toast was on the menu this morning.  My kids love French toast!  Those are frozen strawberry syrup hearts.  Found some cute paper straws with hearts for their fruit smoothies.

Brotherly sweet.  Shayne was still snoozing early this morning, he's not much of a morning person.  Can't blame him, that 5:30 AM alarm came fast today!

Happy Valentine's Day


Wendy said...

I sure wish you were MY mom!!! I bet the boys thank their lucky stars all of the time knowing that their mom is AWE-SOME!!! All that and they are so good looking too! They are total successes waiting to happen. You should write a book about how to raise a perfect family! Be proud of how wonderful all of you are...and remember to take credit where credit is due!

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Thanks so much Wendy! You got this old fart all weepy!!! I appreciate the nice words and I can easily say the same for you. Matthew has had an incredible childhood and I'm sure that will continue into the teen years and beyond. I'm so blessed to have some incredible friends in my life. Thanks for being such a sweet friend :)